Relationships with Your Partner


  • Learn to discern who owns the problem about which you complain.
  • Take responsibility for your own problems and their subsequent solutions.
  • Understand your basic needs and the needs of your partner.
  • Learn to avoid the destructive relationship habits.
  • Begin to substitute healthy relationship habits instead.
  • Create the perception that just because someone else sees things differently from you, doesn’t make either of you “wrong.”
  • Avoid jealousy and increase trust.
  • Move forward after an affair.
  • Negotiate in a way that you win, the other person wins, and your relationship is strengthened.
  • Advance from conflict, to tolerance, to acceptance, and finally, to appreciation.
  • Consciously give your partner what he or she wants instead of offering what you would want in a similar situation.
  • Effectively evaluate the three relationship options of changing it, accepting it or leaving it.
  • Stop being victimized by another person’s behavior.
  • Discern when and how to let go and move forward with integrity and dignity.

Improve Your Relationships!

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