Relationships as a Parent

  • Understand your basic needs and the needs of each of your children.
  • Learn how to meet your own needs, while helping your children meet theirs in responsible ways.
  • Discriminate between doing to, doing for, and doing with your children.
  • Negotiate the inherent conflict between parents and children – parents wanting to keep their children safe, while children want to live with reckless abandon.
  • Apply these skills to any relationship in your life to create happy, supportive, caring relationships.

Improve Your Parenting

Parenting: Succeed by Letting Go of Control

Parenting can often feel like you’re in a constant battle with your child. As humans, we are all born with five basic needs that we spend our lives trying to satisfy: survival, love & belonging, power, freedom, and fun. In the mostly unpredictable rollercoaster that...

Helping Children Tell the Truth

Even the most well-behaved children tend to lie. Sometimes the lies are about things that don’t really matter, but it can be frustrating when your child continues to lie in the face of overwhelming proof to the contrary. As a child, how many times were you told that...

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