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Here at The Relationship Center, it is our mission to help you get along better with the important people in your life, including yourself, at home and at work.
Empowering yourself from the InsideOut by understanding the world from a place where you engage the power of relinquishing your desire to control everything, while focusing inward on what you can do to manage the challenges of your life while steering in the direction you want to go.
Upon opening yourself up to Choice Theory, you can feel empowered by the possibilities. Choice Theory applies to every aspect of your life. It begins as an explanation for all human behavior, then morphs into a lens with which you process the world and then it become the way you life your life to your optimal advantage.

Are You Ready To:

• Get to know yourself better?
• Learn if your actions align with your values?
• Prioritize your needs?
• Pay attention to the relationship you forge with yourself?
• Determine what are your non-negotiables?
• Hold your own compass and find your true path?

You’ll Discover

  • Insights and suggestions gained by surveying happy couples
  • Practical advice from experts
  • Tips for identifying problems
  • A 3-step process for surviving affairs
  • Move beyond “tolerating” differences to appreciating
  • How to meet your partner’s needs and your own at the same time

Create a Diverse Workforce

  • Decrease Gossip in the Workplace
  • Decrease Time Mediating Disputes between Employees
  • Prevent Discrimination Litigation
  • Create a Respectful Workplace for Everyone
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Reduce Paid Sick Time

Understand Relationships

  • Do relationships often leave you confused?
  • Do you wonder how two people can be on such different pages most of the time?
  • Do you find it challenging to obtain or maintain meaningful relationships?
Upcoming in-person training: November 7-11, 2022In 2004, I made the switch from counseling to coaching and have never looked back. I knew I wanted to help people, but I looked at the field of counseling and found it broken. When I was a counselor, I was spending more time writing notes and reports than I was actually working with people. This did not sit well with me, so I essentially stopped counseling and began coaching. If you want to become a coach or want to add coaching to your counseling practice, please check us out at Academy of Choice. We understand both the counseling and coaching businesses and would love to help you create a thriving coaching practice. We are also a board certified approved coaching program. Are you ready to make a change? bit.ly/3txXztH#coaching #counseling #personalcoach ... See MoreSee Less
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Love my son, Dave’s, pool. Lots of family time happens there. ... See MoreSee Less
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Olver International Mental Freedom
This was the day the WGI board scheduled for people to adjust to the change in time. For me, Tokyo was 13 hours ahead. I think Lynn had the record for 15 hours ahead and everyone else was somewhere in between. The first few pictures are from a temple we passed on our way to the Tokyo Garden Hotel. This is a hotel where people often get married. The beauty and opulence is apparent. There was another section of the hotel where visitors climb 100 steps and at each landing it’s a different room with something beautiful in it. It seem to be haunted, legend would have it, by a cat. The outside pictures apart of the hotel property and are there gardens, which were stunningly beautiful. ... See MoreSee Less
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Work/Life Balance: A New Model

Work/Life Balance: A New Model

With September being designated as “Self-Improvement Month,” I wanted to write about a new model for work/life balance. Forget about trying to achieve some magical balancing point between your life and your work. It’s arbitrary at best. Instead, strive for life...



August 18 is National Serendipity Day. Serendipity is defined as the occurrence and development of any events by happenstance in a pleasant or useful way. This day encourages us to appreciate those unexpected, pleasant things. I have a mantra I’ve been living now...

Helping people get along better with the important people in their lives, including themselves, at home and at work.

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I really appreciate you and what you are doing for this world. It has truly inspired me. I started Choice Theory thinking that it is just another theory to learn. Instead it has put me on a journey to self discovery and more. It feels like a roller coaster ride and the past 4 days has shown me how to enjoy that ride. It would not have been possible without having gone through a great and empowering training with you.


Relationships are difficult and in those tough times , Kim’s insight and wisdom have helped me to become the parent, husband, and friend that I want to be. It is a blessing to have someone that provides you the balance you need to evolve. I now realize that it’s not about being who “they” want you to be but being the best YOU that you can be…Thanks Kim!


"For me, reading 'Choosing Me Now' was tantamount to spending a much needed weekend with a good friend who had my back. It brought me back to the important stuff with such gentleness and I've left more connected and more on my own side than I've been in a long time. Exactly the kind of friend I needed right now. Thank you Kim!"

Jo Watson, Birmingham, UK

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