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Kim Olver, M.S., LCPC, NCC, BCC, sums up the goal of her work as helping people get along better with the important people in their lives, including themselves, at home and at work. Kim is a certified coach, trainer, counselor, speaker and author. Her career is an interesting one and has resulted in her bringing her unique skills, attributes and talents to work to help people get along better with the people in their lives. In addition, she serves as the Executive Director of The William Glasser Institute and of William Glasser International.

She is a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Kim is the creator of the Choice Coaching program, and the founder and president of Coaching for Excellence. She founded the Academy of Choice in 2010 and developed the process of Choice Coaching, which she employs with her clients and teaches to fellow coaches.

In addition to coaching and counseling, Kim is an award winning, bestselling author of Secrets of Happy Couples: Loving Yourself, Your Partner, and Your Life.  Kim has a new book coming out January 2018, Choosing Me Now, and has also contributed to Whole LivingWomen’s WorldFitness MagazineLaw of Attraction Magazine and Counseling Today. She co-authored Leveraging Diversity at Work: How to Hire, Retain, and Inspire a Diverse Workforce for Peak Performance and Profit with Sylvester Baugh and co-authored a book with Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen and Byron Katie, entitled 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.

Kim is an international speaker having worked in Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, as well as throughout the United States, addressing schools, counselors, therapists, social workers, military veterans, coaches, couples, parents and businesses on her transformational ideas.

Kim started her certification journey in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy (CT/RT) in 1987 and was certified in 1992. She became an instructor in 1993 and has been teaching Glasser’s concepts since that time.

Kim knew in 5th grade she wanted to be a helping professional when she grew up. How did she know so young? Many people in her class and older would come to her for advice. They came to her with their “boyfriend/girlfriend” problems or issues with teachers or parents. At an early age, Kim had a gift and passion for helping others.

She studied psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After graduating she worked at a residential program for chronic mental health clients for five years. Kim then worked for a specialized foster care agency for 17 years. She started as a case manager, then a counselor, a supervisor, a regional director, an assistant executive

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Helping people get along better with the important people in their lives, including themselves, at home and at work.

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I really appreciate you and what you are doing for this world. It has truly inspired me. I started Choice Theory thinking that it is just another theory to learn. Instead it has put me on a journey to self discovery and more. It feels like a roller coaster ride and the past 4 days has shown me how to enjoy that ride. It would not have been possible without having gone through a great and empowering training with you.


Relationships are difficult and in those tough times , Kim’s insight and wisdom have helped me to become the parent, husband, and friend that I want to be. It is a blessing to have someone that provides you the balance you need to evolve. I now realize that it’s not about being who “they” want you to be but being the best YOU that you can be…Thanks Kim!


"For me, reading 'Choosing Me Now' was tantamount to spending a much needed weekend with a good friend who had my back. It brought me back to the important stuff with such gentleness and I've left more connected and more on my own side than I've been in a long time. Exactly the kind of friend I needed right now. Thank you Kim!"

Jo Watson, Birmingham, UK

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