Assessments & Surveys


This assessment will evaluate how important connection, relationships and belonging is to you. Take assessment

Safety & Security

This assessment looks at the importance of survival, safety and security is to you.Take assessment.

General-Well Being

this is an open-source survey to determine how generally satisfied you are with your life. Download survey.



This survey will give you an estimate of the amount of privilege you have in your life. Take assessment.


This assessment will evaluate how high your need for independence and autonomy are to you. Take assessment.attitude


This assessment measures how important it is to you to make a difference, have an impact and develop competence in all you do.Take assessment.

Adaption to Change

This assessment helps you determine what your usual behavior is as it relates to when you are confronted with change. Take distancing


This assessment will evaluate how important fun, play, relaxation and learning are to you. Take aging

Are you Happy?

This survey assesses your happiness as it relates to your significant relationship. It is meant as a companion to my book, Secrets of Happy CouplesTake assessment.


Conditions of Quality

This tool provides a self-assessment of how well you are doing as a leader.Take assessment.

leadership & teamwork

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