Today our coaching program, The Academy of Choice, was approved by the Board of Certified Coaches (BCC). They have very high standards and I worked very hard on submitting the necessary paperwork and curriculum. Currently, I am working with a team of licensed counselors to complete our distance learning curriculum. The BCC requires counselors certified through the National Board of Certified Counselors who are also doing coaching to get certified as a coach through one of their certified coaching programs.

Coaching is different from counseling. A counselor helps people with serious issues. Most counseling is done in person; coaching is often done by phone. Counselors work with clients who often have diagnoses from the DSM, while coaches work with clients more in the area of self-growth and development. Coaches do not provide emergency services.

Coaches rarely give advice but rather are skillful questioners to help their clients find their own answers within themselves. A counselor often helps clients make connections they might not be able to make on their own.

Currently there are no insurance companies that pay for coaching which means coaching is not as regulated as coaching. There is less paperwork, which is very appealing to counselors and other mental health professionals.

If you are a counselor or helping professional who wants to offer coaching services, then the Academy of Choice is for you. You already possess many of the skills you need. The Academy of Choice will teach you the techniques of InsideOut Empowerment, so you will know the critical self-evaluation questions to use in your coaching practice.

You can come to our live weekend program or you can take our program’s distance learning option. You can check out our listing at the BCC site or go directly to The Academy of Choice.

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