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Listen up! Itʼs simple: you wanna change something in your life – choose you now! How do I know? I did it. How did I do it? I was lucky enough to get my hands on Choosing Me Now by Kim Olver, and I started applying the very principles she talks about in this book. This may be the book you were waiting for to help you start designing your life based on what you need (something she refers to as Strategic Self Care). If you pre-order or make sure you buy on launch day (June 4) she even includes some pretty sweet bonuses. Head over to to find out what those bonuses are how to get the book you will thank yourself for reading!


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To help another person it is important to first understand who you are and what you need. When it comes to self care not everyoneʼs journey is the same, so a one-size-fits-all strategy will simply not work. Choosing Me Now can lead you to making the changes in the lives of those you love, you serve, you simply care about in your personal and/or professional environment. If you get the book between now and June 4th you can enjoy some pretty sweet bonuses.


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Some books entertain, some teach us, some pierce our soul helping us realize we are not alone in our experiences. But this one (Choosing Me Now) goes a step further—it helps us understand our part in the experiences we are not alone in, and then based on our individual needs, it helps us make life changes we desire to make but arenʼt sure how. Get this book between now and June 4th and enjoy some sweet bonuses!

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Suggested text: Know your worth and begin to put yourself first! That is what I learned from reading Choosing Me Now by Kim Olver. Her book is a great source of information on how to improve your relationship with yourself. Get your copy on Amazon before Tuesday June 4 and get 9 bonuses worth over $700!


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Suggested text: When was the last time you put yourself first? Kim Olver’s new book, Choosing Me Now is a awesome guide with tools to help you reinvent the way you love yourself. If you order by Tuesday, June 4, Kim is offering bonuses worth over $700!! Order at

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This may be the book you were waiting for to help you start designing your life based on your 5 basic needs. If you get the book between now and June 4th you can enjoy some pretty sweet bonuses. Head over to, now! 🙂 …..TWEET

What does taking care of yourself look like? Find out with Kim Olver’s forthcoming book – Pre-Order Book by June 4th and Receive 9 Bonuses with a Value of $730!…TWEET

When you are trying to build a healthy relationship with your Self, it is important to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t and on the here and now rather than the past or future…www.choosingmenow.comTWEET

Give yourself permission to relax and reflect on YOUR needs and wants for once. Choosing Me Now is a great book by author, Kim Olver, and it’s on sale now! Get it on Amazon before June 4 and get 9 bonuses worth over $700!! …TWEET


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“Choosing Me Now is an exquisite manual that offers a brilliant and unique system of self-care that can transform your life.” — Marci Shimoff author of Happy for No Reason

It seems that everyone loves talking about how important it is to practice self-care, but no one is offering a strategy. Sure, people talk about the physical aspects of self-care—getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising—but it stops there. What about a wholistic approach with a focus on physical, mental and spiritual self-care? Going to bed earlier won’t help you if all you are doing is lying awake worrying about things you have no control over. Eating healthy won’t feel good when you’ve banned yourself from ever indulging in those unhealthy foods you love. Exercising could be stressful when you tend to slack on other responsibilities to fit it into your schedule.

Not everyone’s self-care journey is the same, so a one-size-fits-all strategy will simply not work. You need to have a personalized plan that addresses your specific challenges, but how do you develop this plan?

Kim Olver’s book Choosing Me Now will help you understand yourself and why you do the things you do. Determining your specific need-strength profile is the first step. Every one of us has five genetically-programmed basic human needs, but the ones that are strongest in you may not be the ones that are strongest in others, including those that are close to you.

Pre-Order Book NOW and Receive 9 Bonuses with a Value of $730!
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  • 20% coupon for personal coaching with Kim Olver (Value of up to $375)
  • $100 off of a Reality Therapy & Choice Theory Training with Kim Olver
  • InsideOut Thinking eBook (Value $14.97)
  • Get out of Debt eBook (Value $9.97)
  • 31 Day Strategic Self-Care Challenge Tip Sheet (Value $9.97)
  • Downloadable PDF of Choosing Me Now (Value $9.99)
  • Membership in the Choosing Me Now Book Club (6 sessions- Value $197)
  • Choosing Me Now Workbook (Value $9.99)
  • Self-Care from A-Z Handout (Value $2.99)

Just go to Amazon and order Choosing Me Now and then go to and complete the form to receive all of the above bonuses.

“This book fits right in with my new attitude of living my life on my terms. Time out for looking to others for permission to do me. It provides great solutions for choosing to do what works for you and moves you out of that guilty feeling for those who are used to putting others first. I love this book and have added it to a list of must-read books for the ladies I coach.” – Conchetta Jones, Life Coach

Kim took her knowledge of Choice Theory psychology and applied it to the relationship she has with herself. Looking at the relationship we have with ourselves through a Choice Theory lens provides a perfect roadmap to strengthening the relationship, once you know how to read it. This book will help you to determine your unique need-strength profile and assess which needs are being satisfied and which are not. You can then decide where you want to direct your attention and make changes—big or small—to begin, or continue, your journey of self-care

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