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The Academy of Choice offers several different coaching programs to meet a variety of needs. There are programs for already licensed helping professionals—psychologists, therapist, counselors and social workers. We also offer programs for unlicensed professionals who are already coaches who want to improve their coaching skills and unlicensed professionals looking to break into the field of coaching for the first time. We also offer programs for business professional who wish to add coaching skills to their arsenal of supervision skills. The Academy of Choice also offers CE opportunities for coaches seeking additional

Our programs can be taken in person, online or a mix of the two.

Our revolutionary process is built on the foundation of the legendary work of Dr. William Glasser’s, Choice Theory®, which helps people understand the only person’s behavior they can control is their own but also teaches many effective ways to influence the behavior of others.

Choice Coaches know how to help their clients become bigger than anything that happens to them. Choice Coaching assists clients with taking responsibility for the solutions to their own problems, while helping them learn how to have the greatest positive influence with the important people in their lives.

“Success is being able to affect the change in your life that you want, while gracefully accepting, and even appreciating, those things that come your way that you didn’t want originally.” —Kim Olver

Choice coaches assist their clients to clarify their vision, mission, values and goals. They ask more questions, than provide direct answers, with the goal of guiding the client toward options that will maximize the likelihood of goal attainment. Coaches work from a position of strength and wellness, as opposed to deficit and pathology. Choice Coaching provides just the right balance of support, challenge and accountability.

For more information visit  The Academy of Choice website.

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    Helping people get along better with the important people in their lives, including themselves, at home and at work.

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    What are people saying...

    I really appreciate you and what you are doing for this world. It has truly inspired me. I started Choice Theory thinking that it is just another theory to learn. Instead it has put me on a journey to self discovery and more. It feels like a roller coaster ride and the past 4 days has shown me how to enjoy that ride. It would not have been possible without having gone through a great and empowering training with you.


    Relationships are difficult and in those tough times , Kim’s insight and wisdom have helped me to become the parent, husband, and friend that I want to be. It is a blessing to have someone that provides you the balance you need to evolve. I now realize that it’s not about being who “they” want you to be but being the best YOU that you can be…Thanks Kim!


    "For me, reading 'Choosing Me Now' was tantamount to spending a much needed weekend with a good friend who had my back. It brought me back to the important stuff with such gentleness and I've left more connected and more on my own side than I've been in a long time. Exactly the kind of friend I needed right now. Thank you Kim!"

    Jo Watson, Birmingham, UK

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