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After you read this short letter you will have learned about the new, exciting Inside Out Empowerment Mastermind Group. And you will start to feel better and better about how to apply these ideas to your own life to achieve empowerment, freedom and interpersonal connection. All of the ideas I teach are based on the revolutionary work of Dr. William Glasser called Choice Theory®. I have taken his work, added my own study, expertise and experience to develop the brand new and exciting concepts of Inside Out Empowerment. Inside Out Empowerment is a process that once learned and accurately applied will help you become a better friend, partner, teacher, helper, and leader. These concepts have application to all aspects of your life involving other people and your own self-development.

  • Inside Out Empowerment helps you become stronger and more in control of your life.
  • Inside Out Empowerment helps you develop freedom from your past, your current circumstances, worries about the future, other people and your emotions.
  • Inside Out Empowerment helps you gain freedom to do whatever you want to do, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.
  • Inside Out Empowerment helps you expand the choices currently available to you.
  • Inside Out Empowerment helps you get connected and stay connected with the important people in your life.
  • Inside Out Empowerment is your path to inner peace.
  • Inside Out Empowerment helps you to be the very best YOU—the YOU you were meant to be!

Inside Out Empowerment (IOE) is a 7-step process for developing inner peace. Learning the steps is relatively easy. Correct implementation is more of a challenge. So often we get started on the path of self-improvement, only to be sabotaged by our own subconscious programming designed to maintain the status quo.

I know you want to make some changes. I know you want to be even better at what you do. I know you want more satisfying relationships. I am certain you would like to be more empowered, free and connected. You can have all that.

Come join our Inside Out Empowerment Mastermind Group. It doesn’t cost a thing. We will be meeting monthly by phone on the second Tuesday of each month.

This is a call for you if you are serious about implementing the concepts of Inside Out Empowerment in your life. You have looked around this site; you have seen what I offer. You may have even learned the concepts of IOE and have been using them in your life. Maybe you have been wildly successful. If so, join our call and share your secrets. More likely you have tried to implement these ideas, showed some improvement and then reverted back to the behavior patterns that are most comfortable for you. In other words, you went back to doing things the way you always did. That then becomes an excuse for why yet one more self-improvement program doesn’t work. Do you want to be successful? Do you want it to be different this time? I KNOW Inside Out Empowerment works! It has worked wonders in my life. It made me a better mother, friend, counselor, coach, teacher, leader and all around person. I am not a victim of anything. I am responsible for the world I create and my responses in it. You can be, too! In this mastermind group, you will have access to me and others who have been successfully applying the concepts of IOE.

Join us. Share your story and experiences. Receive the support you need to apply and maintain these ideas in your life. I invite you to our newly formed, completely free mastermind group, which will meet the second Tuesday of each month by phone at 8:45 PM/5:45 PM PT for approximately one hour. This group is open to all who are implementing or who want to implement Choice Theory® or Inside Out Empowerment™ concepts in their lives—at home or at work. The concept of the mastermind has been around for centuries. It’s the idea that together we can create and accomplish more than we could alone.


Create a venue for sharing your success stories, as well as to get help with challenges you may face. You will be able to share the things that are going well to help empower other participants.  You can give back by sharing your experiences and benefit from hearing of other’s successes.


Provide you support while you are implementing these concepts. They are relatively easy to learn, yet quite difficult to implement and maintain. I want to give you the support you’ll need during your journey.

This costs nothing except an hour of your time each month. There is no requirement that you must attend. Come when it’s convenient. I can guarantee that if you bring your questions, victories and challenges to the mastermind group, your one hour per month will reap huge rewards. Did you know a recent study showed that receiving training or gaining information will increase performance an average of 22% but combine that with coaching and performance can be increased to 88%? Wouldn’t you like to get an 88% increase in your effectiveness with Inside Out Empowerment?

There is no cost for attending this mastermind group. I personally have a lot invested in teaching these concepts and want them to come alive for you in their daily implementation. I am certain this mastermind group will provide the vehicle to go from simply learning theory to making a huge difference in your life.

Please join me.


Produce an environment that will challenge you to go to the next level with these ideas. Another function of the mastermind is to challenge you to action. At the end of each session, there will be a call to action and you will make a commitment to do something to take you beyond where you already are propelling you to a new level.


Connect you with a community of like-minded people with which to gather so you don’t feel all alone while on your path to personal empowerment. I want you to know you’re not alone.

Are you ready to profit from our differences?

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