Mental Freedom Coaching

Do people or environments sometimes bring you discomfort, anxiety or frustration?  Do you desire emotional empowerment when encountering these circumstances, but you do not know how to achieve it?  Then you need the Six Pillars of Mental Freedom.  Incorporating the Mental Freedom framework into your life will deliver an approach to master any circumstance and a pathway towards achieving inner-peace.

Is this an easy feat? Of course not.  It will take mindfulness and willingness to exert the energy.  You will also be challenged to transform your perceptions.  But you do not have to go it alone.

This coaching is for any goals you are trying to accomplish and will teach you a process you can use for the rest of your life to always take the path of mental freedom regardless of whatever life is throwing at you.

You will learn: the difference between responsibility and response-ability; how to unconditionally trust everyone in your life to do one thing, which will never leave you hurt or disappointed; how to distinguish between things you have to do and things you want to do (Hint: there is far less you have to do than you think); the two purposes your emotions serve and learn how to make them work for you, instead of against you; how to create closure for yourself in all situations; and how to create appreciation for all the things that happen in your life, especially the painful ones. All of these are steps toward your Mental Freedom.

Pay it Forward Scholarship for Mental Freedom

Because I am fully committed to bringing Mental Freedom to anyone who wants to learn it, I will have one scholarship slot for someone who is passionate about learning Mental Freedom Techniques but who don’t have the financial means to make it happen right now. If this is your time, but you just don’t have the financial ability right now, fill out our application.  My team and I will read everyone and we will select one person for each group.
I would highly recommend Mental Freedom coaching in groups or as couples or individuals. It was very helpful to me and allowed me to re-frame a lot of things that have happened in my life and that are occurring now to feel better about them. It is life changing!
Conry Davidson

Before Mental Freedom, I was so disturbed by the idea of not being able to deliver all my values to my kids and make sure they will not make wrong choices or adapt negative behavior. I told myself if I have a successful marriage, then I must make sure they will be successful in their relationships. I started to get more anxious and unfortunately, more forceful. Only after taking the Mental Freedom program do I understand what my daughter was trying to tell me. She said, “You are forcing your understanding and your pictures of how things should be on me.” I thought it was my job, until I took Mental Freedom. I now realize how my life and our relationship benefitted from the challenges the Mental Freedom program offers. It’s simple. It brought love back to me and brought me back my life.

Nessren Ali

This was a great experience and I learned much. I would so recommend anyone take with no matter what your goal as there is something for everyone to take away.

Katherine Randolph

I enjoyed the opportunity to explore the concepts of mental freedom with a group of insightful people and under the leadership of Kim Olver. The information was relevant and I was able to apply it immediately to both personal and professional situations. And it was fun! Thanks to Kim and the group for such a meaningful experience.
Patricia Robey

While MFP group coaching was fun and engaging, it was also challenging – which was what I was looking for. Time flew. Very safe. I felt connected to both Kim and the other participants. Helpful to hear everyone’s perspectives. Kim’s finely tuned skills in listening carefully and asking just the right questions were key for me.
Sue Berry

Complimentary Mental Freedom Strategy session

Learning the mental freedom process has changed my life. It has helped me be more aware of my part in my own unhappiness and the unrealistic expectations that I have of others especially my family. The knowledge has allowed me to take more responsibility for my behavior and thoughts which has caused a difference in my how I behave and the way I think.

Denise Daub

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