Mental Freedom Coaching Agreement

Welcome. I am so excited about the start of your Mental Freedom Group Coaching cohort. One of the things I will need before we start is for you to sign the Mental Freedom Group Coaching Agreement. Click on this link: It will take you to Click on the orange “Get Started” button.

Please read the “Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure” on the left and click the orange “Start” button. After the screen changes, click on the orange, “Let’s Go” button in the middle of the screen.

You will see the large document taking up much of the screen with three thumbnail sketches on the left side. These are the three pages to the document.

On page 1, fill in your name at the top where indicated. Just move your cursor to the box, click and type your name.When you are done reading page 1, click on the thumbnail sketch of page 2 on the left.

Read page 2 and click the page 3 thumbnail sketch when finished.

When done reading page 3, click anywhere on the Client signature line and type your name. This will count as your electronic signature. Click on the date line below and type the date: MM/DD/YYYY.

Finally, click the orange “Done” button in the upper right-hand corner. Confirm by clicking the “Yes, it’s Good To Go” button. This displays after clicking “Done.” The form will then be sent to me. Thank you!

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