Empowerment Parenting

Empowerment Parenting is an exciting way to parent today’s child.  More punishment, control and coercion is NOT the answer, neither is abdicating control to your children! We cannot continue to parent our children the way we did when they were younger children, or even the way our parents parented us. The world is different! Children are different! If we do not learn new innovations in parenting, our efforts will likely be ineffective at best, and actually destructive at their worst.

  • Understand your basic needs and the needs of each of your children.
  • Empowerment parenting teaches you how to meet your own needs, while helping your children meet theirs in responsible ways.
  • Discriminate between doing to, doing for, and doing with your children.
  • Empowered parents know how to negotiate the inherent conflict between parents and children – parents wanting to keep their children safe, while children want to live with reckless abandon.
  • Apply these skills to any relationship in your life to create happy, supportive, caring relationships.

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