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For me, reading Choosing Me Now was tantamount to spending a much needed weekend with a good friend who had my back. It brought me back to the important stuff with such gentleness and I’ve left more connected and more on my own side than I’ve been in a long time. Exactly the kind of friend I needed right now. Thank you Kim!

Jo Watson, Birmingham, UK

If you only have time to read one parenting book or are confused by the sea of parenting books out there (many with contradictory advice) then purchase, read, and put to use the Empowerment Parenting ebook. This ebook will help you empower yourself as a parent and will help you to empower your child who can then empower him/herself!

Gregory F. Pozzi, MEd, LPC

Leveraging Diversity at Work, a bottom-line, rubber-meets-the-road guide to profiting from the diversity you worked so hard to create. A must-read for all business professionals.

Kenton Clarke, Diversity Business

Secrets of Happy Couples has all we need to know about having successful intimate relationships. Simple, down to earth information will help any couple improve their lives. Kim possesses obvious deep insight into human nature that we can all benefit from. One could continue to find value in this book in all stages of life.

Krisanna Jeffery

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