Trust is a Choice

Trust is a Choice

We have been taught to believe that trust is a commodity earned by others. Once they have passed certain tests, then we feel safe to extend our trust. In my consulting with several different companies, I found a lack of trust at the root of many of their problems....

You Are NOT a Victim

InsideOut Empowerment Principle #10: You are not a victim of anything—not your emotions, your past, other people, circumstances, or your character. Once you learn and practice these principles of InsideOut Empowerment™, you will have the power to take a different path...

Relationship ABCs

When you are in a relationship you value, it is important to subscribe to the ABCs of Relationships, mind your P & Qs and everything else from A to Z. A – Accepting When in a relationship, it is important to accept your partner as he or she is, instead of...

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