Secrets of Happy Couples



You don’t have to settle for mediocre in your relationship, you can achieve marvelous!


I have always wanted to write a relationship book but I didn’t just want to write about my ideas. I wanted to talk to couples who were really happy and satisfied in their relationship with each other. So I decided to recruit those couples who had been together at least ten years where both individuals indicated separately that they were happy and satisfied in their relationship. I set my goal at 100 couples and went about talking and interviewing couples. I expected to complete my research in about 6 months. I really knew this book had to be written when it took over two years of concentrated effort before I could even find 100 happy couples.

The divorce rate in this country is a little over 50% with many who stay together doing so out of a sense of obligation, guilt or an assessment that there is more to lose in leaving. There are not enough people that are happy and satisfied in their relationships with their significant others. There are too many people out there living with relationships that are less than satisfying.

It took me two years to confirm what I have always believed to be true in relationships:

All Great Relationships Begin and End with Yourself.


This book can help everyone improve their relationships because it focuses on what YOU can do as an individual to improve yourself, your love life and sex life. This books contains seven (7) different exercises and quizzes including a Need Compatibility quiz, Rules of Engagement exercise, Steps for Recovery exercise and many more.

Believe it or not YOU can make the difference all by yourself. This book is about change and acceptance, not changing your partner but changing your behaviors to make your relationship happier and more satisfying. So if you are the one unhappy with aspects of your relationship, don’t wait. Start today. You hold the key to a happy and healthy relationship.

I believe that if everyone followed the principles of Secrets of Happy Couples we would all live happier and healthier lives. We would stop spending the majority of our time and energy trying to change the important people in our lives and accepting them. This book will give you the tools you need to start improving those important relationships in your life and accept them instead.

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